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I am María Lobo.

International Executive & Personal Coach.

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What we offer

“Do not say you cannot do it, just say you do not know how. From that point on I will show you a way to achieve your goal.” María Lobo

Team, executive and business coaching

More effective organisations through the self-development of managers and leaders who act, both independently and as a team, in accordance with the organisation’s objectives.

Personal Quantum Coaching

Through personal Quantum Coaching we manage to achieve real and profound changes. Our approach is to develop new ways of thinking and acting instead of trying to solve problems and conflicts from the past.

Educational coaching

The development of emotional intelligence in children and adolescents gives them the ability to they take control of their own lives and establish harmonious relationships with others.

Rebirthing, Reiki and other techniques

Methods of emotional release, breathing and other techniques to attain personal well-being. Broaden your potential abilities and achieve a sense of tranquillity, peace, freedom and balance.

Master in Quantum Coaching

International scope.

Complete first and second editions

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Quantum Coaching Courses

Soon you will be able to access the online courses that I am in the process of preparing.

Online courses and live coaching

Specific Training

Classroom seminars and Retreats