Master’s programme of 251 hours total, divided into 234 hours of classroom teaching and 17 hours of online tutoring.

Taught by María Lobo, an excellent professional in Quantum Coaching with more than 16 years of continuous training in areas such as quantum physics, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, etc., and not least, a great deal of experience.

18 modules spread over 18 months (one weekend a month)

Small groups (18 people maximum)


You will be part of a new paradigm with people who you can collaborate with
and with whom you will create a support network for all the projects in your life.

You will have the possibility of being part of the Quantum Coaching Team (THE TEAM),
imparting our methodology at a national and an international level.

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The price for the Master’s programme is €7,000, an outstanding price that grants you easy access to this programme.

The price for members of the QUANTUM CLUB* is €6,000
*(Quantum Club members are those who have taken part in the Quantum Coaching programme and / or one of our on-line or classroom seminars).

In addition, if you need financing, you can pay in instalments without interest by personally explaining your circumstances.

We can guarantee that what you are going to experience and internalise is invaluable and that the price you are going to pay is merely symbolic. From the very moment that you put into practice what you have learned in everyday situations, you will see a transformation and expansion in yourself reflected in all areas of your life.

If you wish, we will be delighted to give you the opportunity of contacting students from our training courses, as they are the ones who can best certify our success.


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Call us or send a WhatsApp to +34 653 593 810
giving your name, e-mail address and availability for us to contact you.