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HIGH FREQUENCY (spanish audio)

Living life from the perspective of a new paradigm

For a start I invite you to listen to this audio: Living life from the perspective of a new paradigm.

For me it has been an honour to be the channel through which people access this knowledge which consists of universal, physical laws, but to me it is an honour to be able to transmit this knowledge through our school and a Foundation which is also being set up.

Audio files about "The couple"

Quantum coaching is about accepting our multidimensionality. You are taught that you are human, full stop, but you are so much more. And when we speak of multidimensionality, we need to understand that it is our human part that has needs and deficiencies that shine through and are reflected in our partner.

“I cannot give anything I do not possess. I cannot give to others what I deny myself. I cannot love anybody unconditionally if I do not love myself unconditionally.”

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